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What is the leading cause of death among people with diabetes?





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Patient Story

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I didn't Know Diabetes can “BREAK” my HEART

Mustapha's Story

Mustapha was first diagnosed with diabetes 13 years ago. His doctor advised that he had higher risk of developing heart diseases, such as heart attack or heart failure. He didn’t take it seriously because he thought diabetes and heart disease could not be related, until 8 years ago, after he had a heart attack and almost needed a heart bypass surgery. Having survived that heart attack was a second chance for Mustapha. Since then, he spent a lot of time understanding his condition and started making lifestyle changes to be healthy and active.

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Stay Healthy & Strong for my loved one

Mohd Azfar's Story

Mohd Azfar has been living with diabetes for about 5 years now. He thought diabetes was a disease for older people, after having to watch his mother and elder brother living with diabetes for years. Things changed when he was diagnosed with diabetes himself at the age of 26. Just before the diagnosis, he didn’t notice any symptoms until his friend pointed out one drastic change in his appearance.
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